February 19th, 2005

krazy koati

With a hundred and ten cornets close at hand

I don't know what exactly is the Chingay Parade of Dreams, though they lined up bleachers on Orchard Road, got security guards, roped off areas, and built drywall tunnels to funnel people. During the time I spent looking around in Borders, deciding whether to take advantage of their Buy-Any-Video CD-or-DVD-and-get-20 percent-off-your-books sale they blockaded the intersections immediately around the store. This walled me off from the three nearest MRT stations. I didn't find any VCD or DVD I wanted, nor any books I urgently wanted, so I suppose that problem settled itself.

I didn't stick around for the parade since I just don't like parades. But getting back to the MRT took me down a block, past many floats of products like Coca-Cola and canned abalone, across the street and then into a couple crowds of people waiting to take part into the parade. The most notable of these was a crowd of people waiting to get on with those drum-and-dragon dances, all of whom were dressed like the security guards from Eminiar VII, only in brighter orange. And among the temporary signs erected was one, ``Entry Point For Half-Lane Cheerleader Zone,'' which sounds dirty.

The detouring also took me to the entrance to ``Nude Restaurant,'' which name does not accurately describe the dress code. I think somebody very immature just wanted to see if they could get people to say ``I feel like a Nude dinner.''

Trivia: 1956's Gunslinger is the only film Roger Corman directed which went over schedule. Source: The FIlms of Roger Corman, Alan Frank.

Currently Reading: The Great Science Fiction Stories 6: 1944, Edited by Isaac Asimov and Martin H Greenberg.