February 25th, 2005

krazy koati

Always going forward 'cause we can't find reverse

Having seen the corpse of Star Trek twitch a little, big-head-runny-thingy-guy Rick Berman announced he's working on Star Trek XI. Aware many doubt his ability to find a winning production team, he's gotten Kerry McCluggage, executive producer for Miami Vice and Homeland Security and ... that's about it; and Jordan Kerner, executive producer of Inspector Gadget 2 and George of the Jungle 2 and producer for Snow Dogs and The Mighty Ducks. His screenwriter's reported to be Eric Genderson, whose only apparent experience is getting through elementary school with that name. (There is an Erik Jendreson, who wrote a few episodes of Band of Brothers, which I've never watched because of that Stephen Spielberg thing.)

I think they're pretending to let Berman run things, while the real work is done by underlings, kind of how the main computer let Janeway and gang pretend they were running Voyager. Still, it is reported Rick Berman and Brannon Braga wrote the series finale to Enterprise, I guess to make sure people don't accidentally feel bad about seeing it go.

By the way, was there a Next Generation episode where Data laboriously practices sneezing, or am I turning snarky jokes into fake memories again?

Trivia: President Lincoln visited Richmond, Virginia, on 4 April 1865. Source: The American Heritage New History of the Civil War, Bruce Catton.

Currently Reading: History of the Second World War, Basil H Liddell-Hart. See, I don't remember ever not knowing about Britain's mastery of German spies. It's hard not grinning smugly when Liddell-Hart dismisses German General Blumentritt's postwar claim that ``there were a small number of German agents in England, who reported by wireless transmitting sets what they observed'' with a quick ``there is virtually no evidence to support this''.