March 16th, 2005

krazy koati

I've been runing around in circles

Yesterday some food and cold medicine came to S$8.70; I offered a ten and the cashier asked if I had exact change (I often do). I didn't, but I had a 20-cent piece, and got back a dollar coin and a 50-cent piece. Today some food came to $9.30; I paid with a ten and yesterday's 50-cent piece, and got back a dollar coin and a 20-cent piece. I feel like I'm not making any progress.

With digital cable came Animax, an all-anime channel. What's on it? The rough schedule:

  • Cute Kids with Magic Tokens Have Fun Doing Stuff For Their Friends, a 65-episode series.
  • Pleasant Young Adult Guy Suffers Rather Than Admit Crush On Interested Young Woman, episode 4 of 846.
  • In Ruined Far Future Earth Annoying Teens Squabble, 13 episodes.
  • Incredibly Sexy Android Women and the Clueless Men Bumbling Around Them, second series.
  • Obnoxious Young Adult Guy Becomes Less Insufferable For Devotedly Interested Young Woman, episode 7 of 26.
  • Pro Soccer Player Coaches Kids' League Team, 32 episodes.
  • In Ruined Far Future Earth Mystical Beings Stop By, 39 episodes.
  • Cute Kids Guide Animals/Robots/Robot Animals/Others Through Fights To Save World, fifth series.
  • Can These Teens Stop Arguing And Save The World? 52 episodes.
  • Genial Young Adult Guy And Android Woman Unaware She's Key To The Whole World: A Romance, 13 episodes.
  • Obnoxious Buxom Women On Same Future ``Team'' Endlessly Squabble, third series.
  • Eight-Year-Old Girl Lives Pleasant Fantasy With Help From Strange Mystical Friend, 26 episodes.

I really like the last as Twin Spica, about a girl in Space Academy. The opening includes her looking over a Gemini capsule.

Trivia: Every even integer larger than 46 is the sum of two abundant numbers. Source: Lure of the Integers, Joe Roberts.

Currently Reading: The Great Science Fiction Stories 6: 1948, Edited by Isaac Asimov and Martin H Greenberg.