April 1st, 2005

krazy koati

No pill’s gonna cure my ill

Adulthood just dealt me another devious blow: I've agreed for the first time to buy catastrophic health insurance. By this I mean insurance against a catastrophic problem with my health. I've lived fairly blissfully most of my life in the vague assumption that I had some sort of health coverage from somewhere, parents or school, but the insurance salesman pointed out the salary package for foreign talent just includes a bit set aside for me to buy insurance.

I should look for ordinary coverage too, but I've managed to get a free checkup each of the past four or five years without really trying, and it keeps coming back the same except I'm older each time. I've got a blissfully uncomplicated medical past, fortunately; the worst problem I've had I was old enough to recall (knock plastic simulated wood grain table) was a mild throat infection. The side effect of this happy medical history is I don't know any good questions to ask about the coverage, but it seems pretty straightforward. I'd take suggestions for questions to ask when I sign the paperwork next week.

Past this I've got an extremely vague idea on how Singaporean health care works. My only hospital experience besides getting stuff from the 7-Eleven or the food court is getting some chest X-rays (tuberculosis screening required for my employment), for which I got the X-rays and then took forms I didn't fill out and didn't understand to people I didn't know until they stopped sending stuff to me.

Trivia: Auguste Comte's reform ``Calendrier Positiviste'' dedicated April to the abstract concept of filiation, and the concrete person of Archimedes. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, E.G. Richards.

Currently Reading: Don't You Know There's A War On? The American Home Front 1941-1945, Richard Lingeman.