April 3rd, 2005

krazy koati

Further modulation of the frequency rotation triggered waveband activation

I got my voucher, for that wireless router. The redemption center's in Funan, the IT Mall, which has refurbished its ``Food For Geeks'' posters for the various fast- and real-food places and subterranean hawker center. Unfortunately after I found the place (they were hidden in a little numbered enclave with no explicit connection to the cable company) I discovered I needed my employment pass or passport too. But it's always pleasant wandering around a mall nearly entirely geared to the computer nerd.

The real curveball was the LaserFlair DVD store. On its TVs were playing Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Subtitle, The Incredibles, and Barbie's Fairy-Topia. About half the window was a pasted-on Barbie's Fairy-Topia advertisement, in fact, raising questions of what they expect from the mall's patrons.

The sound for Pirates of the Carribean, with subtitles turned on, was loudest; The Incredibles, no subtitles, was softer but more compelling since the Pirates bought the fallacy that movie actors must only whisper (this made the movie so irritating on the plane), and Barbie's Fairy-Topia was inaudible, but had full subtitles. I mention this because I grin childishly at the words Barbie's Fairy-Topia and beg your indulgence.

Trivia: The backup far-electrographic camera used on Apollo 16 was refurbished and taken to Skylab by the Skylab 4/3 crew, to observe the comet Kohoutek. Source: Skylab's Astronomy and Space Sciences, Edited by Charles A Lundquist, NASA SP-404.

Currently Reading: Don't You Know There's A War On? The American Home Front 1941-1945, Richard Lingeman.