April 4th, 2005

krazy koati

Consultin' with the rain

Today was a day of long, heavy rains, the sort that crush out the sun. With near darkness at 11 am (the sun rises at 7 am, with very little variation) and a steady, lingering, pounding the storm could have been depressing. But it reached, found lightning and thunder, and turned into something romantic, with rooms turning into warm beacons of life against the outside.

If only it weren't so warm. A rain that wonderful should be frigid, to let people huddle against the chill. But I suppose one can't have everything, not simultaneously. The rain let up -- never stopping -- and the sky got much brighter in the afternoon. Too bad, but at least we had a couple nearly perfect hours.

Trivia: Neptune's orbital period is two-thirds Pluto's; when Pluto crosses Neptune's orbit approaching the sun, Neptune is always a quarter-orbit away. Source: Pluto and Charon: Ice Worlds on the Ragged Edge of the Solar System, Alan Stern and Jacqueline Mitton.

Currently Reading: Don't You Know There's A War On? The American Home Front 1941-1945, Richard Lingeman. OK, drama required they keep Superman out of the war, but sheesh. The comic strip had Clark Kent ``accidentally'' read the eye chart in the next room, so his X-ray vision got him billed 4-F. Putting aside the question of whether the Army had standardized eye charts, all right, Supes has a power set that doesn't require or reward intelligence, the way Batman or Green Lantern or Plastic-Man have. I didn't realize -- even though I've read a modest number of his comics -- he was aggressively stupid. This is Homer Simpson Clone territory or outright draft-dodging. I bet he still hasn't figured out why they declared Kryptonite a non-essential material. ``Here, take a bucket full,'' the War Production Board said. ``Put it in everything.'' They made the whole 1943 penny run of it.