April 7th, 2005

krazy koati

Are you frightened to confess?

We must be reaching the end of term -- I'm not sure exactly which is the last lecture week, but I'm sure my students will tell me -- as I had to turn in my final exams. There's an odd ritual where instructors prepare their exams early, get another instructor to review them, and give them to the secretary. Students may think taking exams is no fun; it's much less fun writing them, particularly if you don't have a textbook that contains an abundance of good questions to work from. Since I have two classes, I had two exams to prepare, one of which included a gibberish question I had to replace. I also got two exams to review, both for classes completely unlike anything I've ever taken. I could only guess whether their complexity was fair. This does not reinforce my confidence in the reviews of my exams.

Turner Classic Movies showed a colorized trailer for the inspiring and fact-flavored biographic movie Edison, The Man, starring Spencer Tracy. It was cheaply colorized, too, not bothering to add more than a faint tint to backdrops of the lights coming on in Manhattan, and nothing for the insides of people's mouths, which thus had that creepy zombie mouth effect. But the movie was blissfully shown in its natural black-and-white. So what did they hope to achieve by badly colorizing the trailer?

Trivia: The Edison Kinetophone company produced about 260 synchronized-sound pictures from 1913 to 1915. 45 Kinetophone projecting units were sold. Source: The Speed of Sound, Scott Eyman.

Currently Reading: Proteus Combined, Charles Sheffield.