April 17th, 2005

krazy koati

We're gonna tempt your tummy

I'm not much of a breakfast cereal eater. That's not because I dislike the taste; I like most anything. The problem is practical; they don't fill me up, unless I eat about two-thirds of the box, and even then I'm hungry well before lunch. I have a similar problem with fried eggs. As breakfast, it's not that cost-effective. I'd eat the cereal raw, in the evenings, but that feels wrong what with me not being in my 20s and underemployed.

But a few weeks ago I bought one a variety pack, where I only have to eat about five little boxes' worth to feel temporarily full. The all-Nestlé lineup: One box of Trix, one of Milo, two boxes Koko Krunch, and two boxes Honey Stars. The first obstacle: I didn't have any bowls; somehow, I forgot to ever buy some. I bought four. While washing them, I broke one; that's a new personal record.

And since then my brain's managed to completely block out the idea of actually eating these. I've now bought a couple one-liter cartons of skim only to have them sour unopened in the fridge. I keep swearing this time I'll get to them, and then don't. I'm a real piece of work. At least the cereals don't expire until November and December. I should just give in and eat them raw.

Trivia: The first Landsat earth-observation satellite was launched in 1972 as the Earth Resources Technology Satellite. Source: Maps and Civilization, Norman J W Thrower.

Currently Reading: Asimov's New Guide to Science, Isaac Asimov.