April 20th, 2005

krazy koati

Who's got the best darned burger in the whole wide world

The island Burger Kings have some sort of children's meal deal. I'm guessing that it's tied in to Robots, the movie, which I haven't seen but imagine I'll catch on an airplane sometime. The one I was in most recently had a note that they were sold out of ``Auntie Fan Wiggle Walkers.'' I do not wish to know what is an ``Auntie Fan Wiggle Walker,'' but I admire them for placing those syllables in that order.

They also added a ``Buy One, Get One Free'' to their ``grilled'' value meals -- Whoppers, Chicken Whoppers, that sort of thing. Buy one and you get a free side dish/dessert. The choice is from an ice cream sundae, chicken tenders, a taro turnover, and ``chicken cheesesticks.'' This last is ground-up and mashed chicken meat infused with flavorless cheese, breaded, and fried. It tastes like you ground up and mashed chicken meat, infused it with flavorless cheese, breaded it, and fried it. Between its odd not-quite-chicken taste and not-quite-mozzarella-stick texture it takes on a grandeur of its own.

Trivia: Pope Benedict IX served three terms, from 21 October 1032 to September 1044; from 10 March 1045 to 1 May 1045; and from 8 November 1047 to 16 July 1048. Source: New York Public Library Desk Reference, Paul Fargis, Sheree Bykofsky. I'm not positive but I think that's the most times anybody got deposed from the papacy.

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