April 21st, 2005

krazy koati

You really know how to dance

This has the potential to overwhelm my next few days, but it proved pretty interesting for tracerj and jakebe, so it's only fair for me to pass it along:

``"Reply with a message and I'll tell you something (or many things) I adore about you. Then post this in your journal.''

The library has a wonderful service, sending out e-mail notices of overdue books the day they become overdue. Return them or renew them (online) that day and there's no fine. Today I had 24 books turn overdue (I hoard books). They sent three e-mails, ten listed in the first two and four in the third. This is what happens when you hard-code numbers in your for loops.

Trivia: Royal Astronomer George Airy masterminded the plan, put into effect in 1852, of sending Royal Observatory time signals out on telegraph lines to synchronize clocks in England. Source: Time's Pendulum, Jo Ellen Barnett.

Currently Reading: The Best Science Fiction Stories of Brian W Aldiss, Brian W Aldiss.