April 23rd, 2005

krazy koati

Not in your hand

I spent the afternoon in my office. When I snack there it's most often peanut M&M's. I like something I can nibble on over the course of an hour, and the peanut M&M's are more filling than plain M's or even Smarties. Some time ago a red one dropped on the floor and rolled into a corner, though, and I just noticed it ...

The candy shell was broken, punctured in a few spots. The chocolate and the peanut inside were gone. All that was left was the candy shell. Obviously the ants found exactly what they wanted, and took just that. I didn't know they were that discriminating, or nimble. I'll have to add that to the ant colony simulations I'm trying to start up.

Some posters on campus advertise a talk on the challenges of large, multiple-screen-based video displays. I grant there must be challenges to a building-sized multiple-screen videos that you just don't get even on the Apple Cinema Displays. I just can't think what there'd be to talk about them for 90 minutes to people outside the multi-screen display industry. If the talk weren't being held in the seminar room that doesn't exist I'd go.

Trivia: Among the charges against Sir Nicholas Brembre, former Mayor of London and councillor of King Richard II, in his 1388 trial was that he had plotted to change the name of London to Troynovant. Source: Shakespeare's Kings, John Julius Norwich.

Currently Reading: The Best Science Fiction Stories of Brian W Aldiss, Brian W Aldiss. Goodness, how many times can he have global thermonuclear war break out in a single collection?