April 26th, 2005

krazy koati

They'll come to you

Disney Channel aired Jungle Book II: The Wrath of Khan so I actually caught it. I was pleasantly surprised; it's got several catchy musical numbers, and John Goodman's a passable Phil Harris. There's those pesky stretches between musical numbers where they flail at some sort of plot, but I suppose you could say the same about the 1967 original.

It's a pity there's no market for short cartoons, because they'd probably do better making only musical numbers. The computer-generated backgrounds were only distracting when the camera moved too close to the ground and the perspective stood out. Even then, a long dwindling line of dancing mongooses make a good spectacle. But they do need a musical conclusion other than The Animals Get Into A Huge Pile, and the Lead Characters Fall Off, though; it's been done.

On a much more irritating note -- I need to ask all my friends; by any chance has anyone saved the various pictures to which I've linked here, ideally with the paths the files were in? (iCab at least saves the original URL in the Information window.) What was supposed to be a change in hosting deleted all my spindizzy.org/austin files. I haven't got the originals in an organized archive and I want to do things besides track all this down. Any help would be appreciated. And I have new pictures too, like ...

Despite the crisis raccoonvoys continued bringing in supplies by sea.

Trivia: It is claimed Carl Friedrich Gauss corrected his father's payroll when he was three years old. Source: Life Science Library: Mathematics, David Bergamini.

Currently Reading: Einstein's Clocks, Poincaré 's Maps, Peter Galison.