April 30th, 2005

krazy koati

You take it or you leave it

I forgot to mention at the Scrabble contest I'm assuming was happening, was also a selection of things people could buy. For the most part these are games; I noticed while walking around Hot Wheels; Top It, a sort of Jengo thing; ``Ello Creation System,'' which seems to be some form of Lego block/Mister Potato thing with cute aliens; Pictionary; Pictionary Junior; Scrabble; Deluxe Scrabble; Junior Scrabble; Party Edition Scrabble, which looks like the other sort; Disney Edition Scrabble, for which various Disney princesses and sidekicks decorate the board rim, and the tiles are mouse-eared; Portable Scrabble; Clingo, which name I wrote down but now can't picture; Pictionary; Wiggly Worms; and Brands brand vitamins and ``smart'' drinks and such. You can see how people will gain an edge in Scrabble tournaments if they play a lot of Wiggly Worms.

Also on the list are Uno; Uno Deluxe; Uno Attack; Uno Stacker; and Uno with a mechanical thing that seems to shuffle and deal out cards. That's pretty good representation for a card game that I never met anyone who knew how to play, even though an Uno deck was on hand anywhere adults had bought a whole bunch of board games in the hopes of amusing kids and teenagers. We'd play backgammon before Uno, and we never knew how to play backgammon either. But they're still selling, so I guess either other kids learn how to play it or adults are still buying them in the hopes that someone will know what to do.

Trivia: Among John Mason's inventions other than the Mason Jar are a baby bottle, a folding life raft, a brush holder, and a sheet metal cap die. Source: New Jersey Firsts, Harry Amstrong and Tom Wilk.

Currently Reading: Beyond the Quartic Equation, R Bruce King. I think I've figured out something important about action-angle variables, but have to check.