May 4th, 2005

krazy koati

A camel never sneezes

So this morning I went to the maintenance office and asked when someone might look at my air conditioner. The person there had no idea what I was talking about (I mean about it not working; he knew about apartments and air conditioners), but took my apartment and phone number and promised when someone got in he'd call.

Three hours later I went again, with a book. The (new) person took my question and promised to call back with an appointment; I asked if I could count on that. He called someone to find an appointment, and suddenly I was talking on the phone with someone was asking something about tomorrow -- fine, as long as someone will be there -- who then shifted to 4:40 today. ``4:40?'' 4:30.

He was there at 4:30, and found the bedroom unit in my bedroom was dirty (I wash the filters about every month); after taking the case off and brushing dirt he went to the actual conditioner, which he found was low on coolant. ``How long ago did you move in?' About two years. This wasn't an answer he expected. ``Was it about one year ago?'' Was what about a year ago? ``When you moved in?'' That was about two years ago.

That was a short ride, but a fun one, and with the information that the bedroom air conditioner hadn't been very cold for months, but only got warm the past week, he explained the coolant was low, and I should call if it gets warm again in the next few days.

He cleaned all the air conditioner units, and the bedroom is right chilly. His work order said the appointment was Thursday morning, too, which seems to make sense of the talk about tomorrow on the phone. I'd feel bad about making him reschedule this afternoon's appointments, but the office told me the appointment was yesterday, and they could've given me any date and time this week for an appointment and I'd have been fine, as long as it was kept.

Trivia: British railroads were set to a four foot, 8.5-inch gauge by the Gauge Act of 1846. Source: The History Today Companion to British History, Juliet Gardiner, Neil Wenborn.

Currently Reading: Memoirs found in a bathtub, Stanislaw Lem.