May 9th, 2005

krazy koati

Then you disappeared into the dust

I don't often remember my dreams, or even just what's going on when one is interrupted by me waking up. And I haven't written a Top Ten List in about a decade and a half (I was young; I didn't know better) nor been amused by one in about twelve years. So naturally I have this odd lingering memory from waking up this morning:

The top ten reasons for a crunchy stairwell.
10. Crunchy stairs.

I'm sorry my subconscious didn't get to finish that, since it had a strange if pretty funny start.

In unintentional comedy I've seen a few people arguing the demise of Enterprise proves what's needed for the next series is a ``reboot,'' throwing out the established continuity of the shows and starting from scratch, remaking old episodes as appropriate but with modern computer-generated plastic effects and people mumbling to show they're acting, sort of like Enterprise.

Cited as proof of the wisdom of this policy is how the big comic book companies are able to reboot their brand-name comics every decade or two. Truly, there is no better reference to use as solution to the problem of a worldwide phenomenon embraced by all turning itself, over decades, into a pop-cultural footnote with microscopic economic niche than the comic book industry.

Trivia: The Treaty of Windsor, pledging an alliance forever between England and Portugal, was dated 9 May 1386; it is still in force. Source: 365: Your Date with History, W B Marsh and Bruce Carrick.

Currently Reading: Keeping Watch: A History of American Time, Michael O'Malley.