May 24th, 2005

krazy koati

Now the sun turns out its light

Sleepy. Very, very sleepy. I thought I'd maybe get up around noon; about 3 pm I noticed I was still in bed, and pretty much fine with that. So, no, I stayed in, except for getting something to eat and buying shampoo at the convenience store (I don't know how I ran out when I wasn't even here), but that's all.

I'd found in the hobby shop back home first that they do have the Polar Lights original Star Trek Enterprise, which couldn't be given me as a Christmas present because the hobby shop clerks told my parents they didn't exist. That's the same kit I built a few months ago and promised gafennec I'd photograph -- I have photographs, I just haven't uploaded them. I hope on this new one to do better on the painting and detailing, and to avoid one mistake I made with the decals. The shop also had the movie Enterprise 1701-A, although I didn't buy it because that kit is huge. There's also a Polar Lights kit of that space cruiser Picard and Data stole from the Remans in Nemesis, and you have to feel sorry for an outfit as good as Polar Lights getting stuck with the Nemesis license.

Awesome, though, and too big for me to buy right now was the Atomic City Mercury capsule -- in 1/12 scale. This is huge, and looks like so much fun, and I dearly hope they get to Gemini. Mercury may have the cool escape tower, but Gemini is way more fun and under-kitted altogether.

Trivia: Development of the metal body for Thomas Edison's talking dolls received 13 patents. Source: Living Dolls, Gaby Wood.

Currently Reading: Flesh in the Age of Reason, Roy Porter.