May 29th, 2005

krazy koati

Do you never, ever shirk

Orchard Road featured several thankless jobs. Most prominent was some poor soul wandering a city on the equator in a Clifford, The Big Red Dog costume. I know mascot costumes cause heat stroke in, on average, 25 minutes, and that's in an Ohio hotel in November with air conditioning at full blast. I imagine here one could go maybe three minutes without melting. It seems particularly thankless since Clifford really needs to be big, ideally, big as a house. The illusion's hurt when I can see the top of his head. But it is honest work, and Clifford had a number of young women squealing with delight, hugging, and posing for pictures with him, so I suppose the job isn't in fact thankless.

Also wandering Orchard Road was a guy with a tray of sample paper cups of coffee, followed by an guy wearing two Starbucks tankards of coffee with those little rubber-hose nozzles to make refills. That seems somehow like an SCTV sketch. I didn't take any samples since I just don't get coffee.

The street musician outside the Centrepoint mall was taking a break; he hadn't left his stand, but he set the synthesizer to play a tune automatically. I'm not sure precisely which song it was, but if you turn on the 1980s Top 40 Pop radio station in your area, it's playing right now. Somebody tossed him a S$2.00 bill.

Trivia: The ``beeyoowoop'' noise for the end of Warner Brothers cartoons was made by director Bob Clampett. Source: That's All Folks! The Art of Warner Brothers Animation, Steve Schneider.

Currently Reading: Flesh in the Age of Reason, Roy Porter. Mentioned is Thomas Love Peackock's satirical novel, Melincourt, introducing the respected Tory backbencher Sir Oran Haut-Ton, who'd been caught ``very young'' in the woods of Angola. I'm strangely comforted to know even the Napoleonic era had its Monkey Movies.