May 30th, 2005

krazy koati

I just can't wait to see you

While I haven't yet gotten OS X Tiger, I did procrastinate working today by looking at the Dashboard Downloads which add on marginal utilities. One which caught my eye was Mike Lockhardt Jr's Xbox 360 Countdown, version 1.1, which counts down time to ... well, the name rather gives it away. What I want to know is what was the critical flaw that needed correcting from the 1.0 release?

Alas, there's no readme file, and digging through the comments reveals nothing. The code notes a change in the release date would require ``a version 2 release.'' This all just screams of artificially inflating the version number.

I also don't see the need for a quick reference to the Xbox 360 countdown, but I don't play that sort of video game -- I'm more into Railroad Tycoon or Europa Universalis types of game -- so what do I know? Besides, those young punks with more clock cycles than sense have to do something with them, and this is reasonably harmless. The code makes it look like these widgets are just little Javascript shells, suggesting it'd be easy to write my own, maybe to count down the time until the centennial of Robert Benchley's first hay fever attack or something similarly useful.

Trivia: 18,738 miles of United States railroads were constructed with Federal land grants. Source: The Story of American Railroads, Stewart H Holbrook.

Currently Reading: The Nitrogen Fix, Hal Clement. It's neat this novel set on a far future Earth in which most of the oxygen has been taken out of the atmosphere, with nitrogen taking a more active role in making everything but man and pseudo-life extinct is specifically set in the Boston area; usually postapocalyptic stuff takes place in Generic Valley. I can't help thinking I'd feel the story more strongly were I a Boston resident or visitor.