June 7th, 2005

krazy koati

The three little fishies didn't wanna be bossed

You know it's going to be a good day when the front page of the newspaper, three columns, above the fold, is about fish. The subhead for ``Fishy Apron'' in The Straits Times reads: ``Swishing noise under skirt gives away woman who tries to smuggle fish into Melbourne.'' This is accompanied by a wonderful photograph captioned ``Unusual Underwear,'' which looks like long underwear turned inside-out, with a bunch of pockets sewn in, each pocket stuffed with multiple plastic bags with water and, I assume, fish inside. The swishing noises prompted an inspection which discovered the 51 catfish swimming around in the 15 plastic bags.

This is the sort of thing that makes you wish Bob Newhart were still recording new comedy albums. ``Welcome back to Australia, ma'am ... uh ... did you just splash? ... Uhhuh ... uh, ma'am, your skirt is twitching ... Ma'am, as part of customs procedures we have a number of trained animals which use their sense of smell to draw our attention to contraband ... so, rubbing your feet are a pair of our trained cats.''

Nobody on my friends list seems to have noticed the red-letter day for Mac users yesterday -- iCab version 3.0 Beta was finally released. This is the happy and extremely customizable web browser that includes essential features like a little frowny face whenever a web page has invalid HTML, and a smiley face for both of the web pages that have standards-compliant code.

Trivia: To get a position in the art department of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle newspaper, the young Max Fleischer, future animation great, offered to pay them two dollars per week. Source: The Fleischer Story, Leslie Cabarga.

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