June 10th, 2005

krazy koati

When you least expect it, you're elected

Most of us don't expect applause for finishing a Usenet post -- I, for example, don't. And yet as I was told to be patient as my new articulation would not show up immediately, I heard a faint but enthusiastic applause coming from ... somewhere. It wasn't from the sports field. I can see the cricket pitch/baseball outfield from my window and there wasn't anything there except randomly strewn orange traffic cones. There was just ... applause. Later in the day there was a plastic sheet with just enough water in it to reflect light through tree branches up to my office.

Something has to be going on. There's too many kids around the bus stops and in the hawker center nearby for there not to be. I just don't know what it is, or why they'd applaud me.

I notice in one House of Mouse cartoon they cast Penn Jilette as the voice of the little devil Pluto urging him (and Mickey) on to naughtiness. I wonder who they cast as the voice for the angel Pluto urging them on to good. I don't know what the obvious choice sounds like.

Trivia: For producing the first detailed geologic map of England and Wales, William Smith received in 1815 from the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce a prize of £52, 10 shillings. Source: The Map that Changed the World, Simon Winchester.

Currently Reading: My Ten Years In A Quandary And How They Grew, Robert Benchley. ``If a government can get out of a jam simply by crying `Spy-ring! Spy-ring!' why can't individuals work on the same strategy? There must be some spies in your own neighborhood that you could use in a pinch. ''