June 26th, 2005

krazy koati

So won't someone help me to break up this crown

I'm not sure why but various banks filled Orchard Road with promotional displays this week. I mean, I know they figure this will get people to apply for credit cards or full accounts or do other bank activities with them, but I just always figured people choose a bank based on being conveniently located and only tolerably annoying. Case in point, each bank I've opened an account with was within walking distance of my workplace.

Still, I suppose it's all harmless fun. I'm a bit curious why Citigroup figures their best shot is to have women dressed like PanAm stewardesses from the 60s wandering around, but I can't deny the visual appeal (to me, anyway). The redundantly named DBS Bank of Singapore figured its best shot was to include a clown, in loud spiral (as opposed to Koko) gear blow up balloon animals (and, for some, Jedi balloon light sabers) for the kids. OUB bank (which a few years ago merged with UOB bank, unless it was the other way around) even had a little play area set up, so kids could learn early and often about the connection between fun plastic toys and fiduciary obligations.

In the spam filter ``Jiale Inflatable Inc'' sent a mail with the subject line ``We've got your info by Internet, hope to cooperate,'' which makes their sale of inflatable castles and slides and ``Fun City'' sound positively Orwellian.

Trivia: According to one estimate 36 United States naval officers were killed between 1798 and 1848 in duels. Source: Sea of Glory, Nathaniel Philbrick.

Currently Reading: Charlie Chaplin And His Times, Kenneth S Lynn.