July 4th, 2005

krazy koati

It means I'd like to sell you New Orleans

The draft is looking closer and closer to being done; there were only a handful of further corrections from my co-author, although debugging the bibliography is turning out to be a bigger mess than I thought. I'll be really glad to put this to an end.

Following up the Olympic trivia panels: I know I'd speculated last year about Singapore maybe winning its first Olympic medal. Actually they'd have hoped for the first gold (or, I suppose, bronze) medal -- in 1960, Tan Howe Liang ``won a silver medal in dramatic style,'' which made me wonder if that was one of those years they try to add artistic events. His sport was weightlifting; what was dramatic was he'd passed out about an hour before competing. Otherwise, though, Singapore hasn't won anything.

Singapore was first represented in 1948; the team was Mr Lloyd Valberg, a hurdler. Somehow the picture of him marching in alone is less sad than if they had three or four people. The biggest delegation was sent to the 1956 games, with 53 athletes. The panels mentioned the 1900 and 1904 Olympics were held in conjunction with World's Fairs, which I think I'd heard but never much considered. They mention the 1904 games were opened by the ``President of the State of Louisiana, Davis Francis,'' forcing me to go look it up. (David R Francis was president of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, which grabbed the Olympics away from selected host city Chicago. They didn't want anything competing with the Saint Louis World's Fair.)

Disney Channel Asia started commercials for the Herbie movie. The channel serves a bunch of countries, so lists the debut dates for all of them. In Singapore, the movie opens September 1.

Trivia: After his May 1778 release from British custody, Ethan Allan attempted first to make Vermont independent; afterwards, he tried to have it annexed by Canada. Source: Redcoats and Rebels, Christopher Hibbert.

Currently Reading: The Battle for Twelveland, Charles Whiting.