July 11th, 2005

krazy koati

I hope they're doin' it for free

So how do I look in stripes? I've finally upgraded to OS X Tiger. I've not yet found everything. The Terminal feature where it tries to correct a mistyped command (``clera'' used to be met with ``OK? clear?'') seems to have disappeared, and nobody on the Internet wonders how to find it. And I don't seem able to put returns in the Get Info comment boxes. But I'm sure this will clear up soon. The upper-right the menu bar seems on the verge of tipping over, thanks to the AirPort bar, the Classic menu, the monitors, sound, date and time, battery charge, and Spotlight. The screen saver with the whirling background and ``Apple Hot News'' spinning around risks giving me vertigo. But the whole thing is rather comfortable, and if I have to reinstall gcc and LaTeX and all again at least it does feel zippier.

I'm particularly fascinated to use Dashboard widgets, though my G3 system doesn't support the water-ripple startup special effect. The archive.org movie panel looks great, as do the Astronomy Picture of the Day and the Weather Channel Radar in Motion even if they don't have a good satellite view of Singapore. The plain ``weather'' widget with the five-day forecast doesn't seem to acknowledge places outside the United States. I notice there are multiple ``Lorem Ipsum'' widgets, which generate filler text. One Lorem Ipusm program, from ``The Creative Chaos,'' is on version 1.1. Another, from ``g-design.net'', is on version 2.1. What essential feature of generating filler text was missed during beta testing?

Digging around the ``Previous System Folder'' I found traces of /etc/racoon. Its origin and purpose is a total mystery.

Trivia: 48 UNIVAC-I systems were built. Source: Computational Differential Equations, K Eriksson, D Estep, P Hansbo, C Johnson.

Currently Reading: Men of Tomorrow: Geeks, Gangsters, and the Birth of the Comic Book, Gerard Jones.