July 14th, 2005

krazy koati

You light up my life

And I'd like to thank NASA for not deciding to hold the space shuttle launch until after I went to bed, so that an already too-short night of sleep could be interrupted by waking up halfway through only to find that a shuttle with components falling off might in fact not be in shape to launch. Anyway.

Only a couple years after seeing the need, I finally bought a light for my night-table. I wanted to get something with an interesting shape and odd texture, so I was naturally driven to Ikea. There were a few more light concepts that were more 1970s science fiction movie, but they seemed either unstable for the little table by my bed or else too hot. So I settled for one that looks like it's cut from the Ice Hotel, and that's satisfying. What I really love are the assembly directions, though, alas, no Allen wrench was required. I'm just glad they explain the components so well.

A third person's turned in an application for a Certificate of Eligibility for the Singapore Presidential election. This is from Mr Ooi Boon Ewe, who failed to qualify in 1999. I haven't seen an announcement of who tuned in the first form, but the election hasn't been front-page news. The major news has been a scandal with the National Kidney Foundation, accused of mismanagement of funds. This is one of those fun scandals in which the head of the organization is initially accused of something minor -- flying first-class instead of business-class on charity funds -- and things just spiral out of control; the last I heard was a claim of using NKF funds for ``extravagant toilet fittings.''

It's a bit light today, so, here's a picture of an Autobot taking a relaxing stretch in traffic.

Trivia: The first wooden golf tee was made in 1921 by William Lowell of Maplewood, New Jersey. Source: New Jersey Firsts, Harry Armstrong, Tom Wilk.

Currently Reading: The Pencil, Henry Petroski.