July 19th, 2005

krazy koati

It's just gonna pour and pour and pour

My standing joke is that there's a thunderstorm every afternoon about 1:30, and that if it fails to rain you can go to the Ministry of the Environment and get your hand stamped for a free day. That's a bit of an exaggeration; often the rain is earlier or later in the day, and there can even be exceptional days when there's no rain.

This past week has not been exceptional. For a couple days now there's been heavy rains that start right about 1:00 and continue pretty much until dinnertime. It was heavy enough, in fact, that yesterday I skipped dinner because I didn't have my umbrella -- consecutive days of heavy rain don't impress on me the wisdom of taking my umbrella along, which shows the kind of thinking that my brain accepts -- and couldn't get to a hawker center without getting soaked. I made do with a toaster-oven pizza which may not have been good, but which I could get without being soaked.

So I was mildly curious to hear a report from back home, that near my parents there'd been ten inches of rain in just a half-hour. This didn't affect my parents, though; they were just outside Cobra's weather-control machine range, because they were bone dry. I learned from poking around (nobody ever tells me of flooding anymore) that actually it was closer to eight inches, and over the course of two hours, as if that's substantially better. I don't think it's rained quite that heavily here, though ... yet.

A spam sent me came from the alleged name ``Asphyxiating J Pontiff.'' What a ring that phrase has...

Trivia: Before getting into vaudeville, Arthur Godfrey had a job selling cemetery lots. Source: A Pictorial History of Radio, Irving Settel.

Currently Reading: Tudor Historical Thought, F J Levy.