July 29th, 2005

krazy koati

My, my, my, my, Mitchell

Now today was a quiet day again, partly brought on by an inconveniently timed but interesting department lecture that pinned down the middle of my day, and partly by my houseguest -- whom chefmongoose pointed out I failed to actually name all this week, and this suddenly strikes me as amusing to keep going -- feeling more tired than investigative. So it made for a time, for me, to get more numerical experiments done (they seem to be turning out like we want).

And he could get acquainted with some Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes he'd never seen before, including Mitchell and Crash of Moons. In the evening, after an experience with the hawker center and hunting around for suitable foods, I introduced him to the joys of SCTV, with the marvelous ``Battle of the PBS Stars'' and the ``Merv Griffin Show: The Special Edition'' (which features elements of everything from Close Encounters of the Third Kind to Hal 9000 to George Lucas to those George Plimpton commercials for Intellivision; I highly recommend it).

So it's otherwise a normal day of life in town -- getting the hang of hanging laundry, fixing that broken mechanical pencil I'd had, making fun ofskylerbunny, learning how to eat claypot without getting one's hands burned. Good day of vacation.

[ Edit: Hey, this is my 555th entry! It hardly seems like I've posted more than 462. ]

Trivia: The Bullwinkle balloon made for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade was held together by 25 gallons of neoprene cement. Source: Life Science Library: Giant Molecules, Herman F Mark.

Currently Reading: Planet Quest: The Epic Discovery of Alien Solar Systems, Ken Croswell.