August 20th, 2005

krazy koati

You ought to be in pictures

Everybody on the Internet, I believe, enjoyed Roger Ebert's smashing of Rob Schneider's fantasies of being an entertainer in his review of Deuce Bigalow II: Please Please Please Make The Hurting Stop Please. But I spotted some sulking that sure, Roger Ebert dislikes Rob Schneider's movies, but he's a professional movie critic and thus dislikes everything ordinary people enjoy, instead preferring obscure Croatian movies about abusive clowns and the like. So I thought I'd -- rather presumptuously, and at considerable risk of starting a ``meme'' -- suppose myself to be an ordinary person and compare some of the movies I really like to Ebert's reviews. The list of 15 movies I compiled basically by what came into my head over the afternoon. Ebert's reviews are as his web site says. Movies are those same old things.

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Trivia: Robin Williams' foam rubber bulgy Popeye arms required approximately 20 minutes to put on. Source: The Popeye Story, Bridget Terry.

Currently Reading: Love Conquers All, Robert Benchley.