September 10th, 2005

krazy koati

I've seen fives and I've seen tens

Hm. This is a touch mysterious; I notice on my credit card statement a charge for US$89.99 to the cryptic TCL*PRIVACYGRD, with the only identifying data an 800 number and the letters CT. I can't think of anything I've bought lately that could even remotely be described that way, particularly not on my credit card, which I use mostly to buy airplane tickets. I've dropped the bank a note asking for any kind of further detail they might have on it. I don't even know how they'd have gotten my credit card number, since it gets so little use.

Hong Kong Disneyland's getting ready to open Monday; already, according to the news, people are taking rides on the subway extension to the outside of the park and sitting around on the benches outside. I can't pretend I don't understand the appeal of riding a new subway line even without going into a park. I'm not a trainspotter but I know that's just by suppressing impulses in that direction, and I do have this infrastructure fascination going. The car windows are Mickey Mouse head-shaped.

Hong Kong's also being flooded with fake Disney products, some made at the same Chinese factories making the real things. Disney's attempting to make the pirated copies more obvious by using holographic tags on the real stuff, which should last until the night shift at the factories making the tags. I need to point out again that there are a lot of really professionally made pirated products out this way, occasionally better than the legitimate products. Meanwhile the evening news showed pictures of Minnie Mouse-festooned bras and panties, and I have no idea whether they're forgeries.

The new iCab beta release double-crossed me in its installation attempts. They didn't include a README file. Yes, I read them.

Trivia: In the colonial era a total of seven corporations were incorporated within the Thirteen Colonies. Source: A Thread Across The Ocean, John Steele Gordon.

Currently Reading: The Maltese Falcon, Dashiell Hammett. I've enjoyed the media tie-ins so much it seemed like time to actually read the original, and I have to say, I rather enjoy it. I don't know why I don't read mysteries more; maybe it's just that any murder case sufficiently complicated to be a novel's length of story generally strikes my suspension of disbelief as too complicated for mere mortals to actually commit. But then my brain is still trying to figure out why RK Maroon was blackmailing Marvin Acme into selling him Acme's properties so that he could sell the studios and Acme warehouses to Cloverleaf Industries if RK, as he claimed, didn't want the toons destroyed.