September 22nd, 2005

krazy koati

Take all the worry out of your mind

So, the plan is, to replace the current access-card system, a mechanism in which you slide your staff (or student) card into a reader and have it accept you three times out of five to unlock the door, with a reader you simply tap to have your card unlock the door with an unspecified success rate per tap. My question: do we have to get replacement cards, or are our current staff cards designed to work with the tap reader?

The official answer: ``They should work with the new reader.'' I'd like to say I'm heartened, but there are a lot of things that all involved agree should work, yet don't. I just hope somebody else unlocks the classroom needed for my evening class.

I don't believe it's coincidental, but I also don't know the connection here: somebody's taken out half the soap dispensers in all the (men's) bathrooms in the building. There's normally one on either side of the sink counter; one of each -- not from the same side -- have been taken off and put on free counter space. I hope this is just connected to a change in the type of soap dispenser used, since one dispenser for each bathroom causes (thanks to the geometry of it) little traffic jams, with the person at the sink nearest the dispenser almost invariably participating in some slightly odd and very time-consuming activity like brushing teeth or slurping up the water and gargling with it. Public bathroom faucet garglers never notice other people needing to get around them.

Trivia: New York City theater owners were able to receive $225 per seat for the 1850-52 concert tour of Jenny Lind. Source: The Antebellum Period, James M Volo, Dorothy Denneen Volo.

Currently Reading: The Longest Day, Cornelius Ryan.