November 7th, 2005

krazy koati

It's certainly a thrill

There's typically something going on along Orchard Road. Today, it was Conan O'Brien as Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. I assume this is either part of Christmas decorations, or part of the Singapore Design Festival, or part of the music festival that I believe is being held this month. Now and then there are so many Singapore-named festivals going on that it's hard to keep track. I have to suppose they weren't done being installed, though, because if you look closely you can see the lower arms on the statues are detached. Also for whatever reason the fourth statue looks away from the road while the rest look out over the intersection. I guess it's supposed to be fixed, although why put it up backwards in the first place?

Nearby, too, I don't know what this is, but it's definitely Singaporean. There are a few spots where it seems like you're supposed to stand and take a picture, or get a picture taken, but no explanatory panel or a logo or anything. It's just a line of grey figures.

And this was sitting around a while, so I should probably upload it. Somewhere in Suntec City it looks like a new comic book store may be opening up. Certainly the Superman, Supergirl, and Batman figures suggest it's a comic book shop. I think the fact the masterful ``Coming Soon'' artwork doesn't give a hint what the store's name will be, unless it's literally ``Coming Soon'', indicates they have the marketing strategy of the average United States-style comic book shop.

Trivia: After what was meant to be the second (civilian) Salyut space station failed on-orbit rather quickly, it was renamed Kosmos 557 and not much mentioned further. Source: We Have Capture, Thomas P Stafford and Michael Cassutt.

Currently Reading: A Crack in the Edge of the World, Simon Winchester.