November 15th, 2005

krazy koati

Young alien types who step out and dare to declare

And despite it maybe being out of character for me, I went to a movie this weekend. Specifically, I went to Sky High, mostly on the strength of friends' recommendations. I've had a pretty shake track record with friends' recommendations in the past, but this one turned out pretty well, even if the movie kept giving me a Phil of the Future vibe.

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One curious thing came about mid-movie. Movies in Singapore come with Chinese subtitles, since so much of the population is Chinese. Well, a bit after mid-movie there's a scene in a Chinese restaurant, and the owners shout at their waiter in Chinese, and he shouts back. This exchange was not subtitled in Chinese -- nor in English. But a good fraction of the audience laughed at the Chinese dialogue. I'm curious what exactly they did say, and if it were a logical thing to laugh at. Usually when I don't get a joke I just don't notice it; this was an odd case of knowing there was one, but nothing more about it.

Trivia: Mercury spacecraft 18, for Scott Carpenter's Mercury-Atlas 7 orbital mission, was delivered to Cape Canaveral 15 November 1961. Source: Project Mercury: A Chronology, James M Grimwood, NASA SP-4001.

Currently Reading: Squaring the Circle and other Monographs, EW Hobson, HP Hudson, AN Singh, AB Kempe.