December 13th, 2005

krazy koati

Sarah Jackman, Sarah Jackman

It seems worth following up on some threads I'd let inexplicably drop. The most financially worthy one is that mysterious charge to my credit card from an outfit calling itself TCL*PRIVACYGRD. After my first e-mail to my bank asking what exactly that was about got ignored, I sent another, and while they haven't sent me anything explaining it, they did credit my account the $89.99. Where this turns into my typical sort of nonsense is that I'd paid my credit card bill down to zero, so that when they refunded it my balance sank to negative ninety dollars. I'm hoping my parents saved the credit card statement (I use their house when I need to give something a North American mailing address), since it'd go nicely with my negative telephone bill. (Alas, the balance hasn't stayed negative, because I had a donation and plane tickets home for Christmas to charge -- but it was negative for at least one credit statement.)

And Burger King followed up their French Chicken and American Chicken sandwich specials with an English Chicken sandwich. I think the French was probably tastiest of the bunch, but English was pretty good. They let the National Chicken theme drop, though, and followed the English Chicken with ... the Wild Wild West Whopper Junior. (And Chicken Whopper Junior, which fascinates me because they don't sell the Chicken Whopper here anymore, giving the meal an Absorbine Junior-like feel of a missing referenced item.) That's a supposedly Old West, not much left anymore, just a few relics, dusty mementos, and legends, theme, with a sauce that's just got to be bold.

Also in what I'm sure is a pure coincidence, The Straits Times started a special feature on ``Australia's Drug Menace.'' I'm sure that's completely unconnected to anything but the Straits Times's recent discovery that there are drug addicts in Australia. The New Paper meanwhile discovered there are wealthy drug addicts in Singapore.

Trivia: Roger Corman allowed writer Charles B Griffith to direct the underwater sequences of Attack of the Crab Monsters after Griffith promised he could film them for $100. Source: The Films of Roger Corman, Alan Frank.

Currently Reading: Narrating Utopia, Chris Ferns.