December 16th, 2005

krazy koati

A chance to pull a heist

Campus security sent an e-mail to all, offering tips to ``not let crime disrupt your festive joy''. This informative e-mail reports of two recent crimes. One was a person who lent her hand phone to a stranger who needed to make an urgent call, and who then ran off with the phone. This sort of simple crime can be prevented by never being nice to anyone, ever. The second is more serious; the person left his office, unlocked, to use the washroom, and returned to find the department laptop stolen. This is why they put the washrooms behind keycard-access locked doors, as it would be very embarrassing to have the hot-air hand dryer that doesn't dry hands stolen by staff.

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You see how much more effective this is when the warnings are chosen for relevance?

Trivia: The first recorded public-official recipient of a bribe in New Jersey was Edward Hyde, Lord Cornbury, royal governor of New Jersey (and New York) from 1703 to 1708. Source: Jerseyana, Marc Mappen.

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