December 22nd, 2005

krazy koati

I wish you could see

Back home and suffering from mild jet lag, long-term sleep deprivation, and a cold (my ears haven't popped since approaching Tokyo). I ended up sleeping to about 3 pm, which is late even for me. On waking I tried toasting a bagel, since bagels I dearly miss when in Singapore, only to find the toaster didn't work. I asked Dad if the toaster was, indeed, a toaster and he found that since it was plugged in and I was pushing down the lever as far as possible, to determine the toaster was broken. We cleaned the toaster, getting approximately four times the weight of the toaster out in crumbs, to have Mom walk in and determine the problem was the circuit breaker had popped, something we might have figured out had we noticed the fridge, microwave, and coffee maker were also off. But this is a house well-designed for old folks, and resetting the circuit breaker consisted of just pushing a button on the faceplate, and the toaster was fine again. It probably needed to be cleaned out anyway.

I did forget a moment of real intrigue on the plane yesterday; shortly after taking off from Tokyo came an announcement, ``If there is a passenger on board with medical experience would he or she please press the call-attendant button and make yourself known to the flight crew, and present your credentials ... there is a passenger in need of medical care in seat 42-C.'' Alas, their wording prevented my natural response of, ``I have an honorary degree from Anderson College'', and obviously my doctorate would be of perfect irrelevance unless the passenger needed a prime-factor decomposition.

I did look, since I was in seat 40-J, but couldn't make out much except there was a group gathered around and they'd apparently taken out an oxygen bottle. I'd have given in to I think natural curiosity and watched more except the guy in the next seat took my looking in that direction as an indication that I wanted to have a conversation with him, which between the cold and sleep deprivation and general crankiness that airplanes inspire I just didn't have the strength for. The emergency wasn't severe enough to require an extra landing, though. I don't know if they found a doctor or nurse who could help.

Trivia: 1, 2, 145, and 40585 are the only numbers equal to the sum of the factorials of their base 10 digits. Source: Lure of the Integers, Joe Roberts.

Currently Reading: Small Things Considered, Henry Petroski.