January 28th, 2006

krazy koati

Listen to the rhythm of the range

Now, if you really want concentrated surreality there are few better options than those 1930s cartoons where they'd try anthropomorphizing absolutely anything and putting it to a cartoon, which they didn't have time to make make sense. A recent public-domain cartoon DVD purchase of mine included a fine example of it, the Van Beuren cartoon studios' 1935 ``Picnic Panic.'' Van Beuren was kind of the desperately poor man's Terry Toons, which as you can imagine is getting into some pretty shaky territory. Add in the ever-perilous tale of objects with faces and skinny arms and legs, and a studio boss who's still angry he has to pay for sound, and now color too, and he's sure not going to pay for rewrites, well ... here goes.

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Trivia: Of 479 Work Authorization Documents examined in the wake of the Challenger accident, 70 percent had anomalies -- 36 percent with inaccurate or inadequate detail; 24 percent with missing stamps; 29 percent lacking correct signatures; 20 percent with inaccurately detailed summaries for closure or deferral. Source: Report of the Presidential Commission on the Space Shuttle Challenger Accident. Appendix C. William P Rogers, Chairman.

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