February 2nd, 2006

krazy koati

Don't bother me

I was having trouble getting to sleep last night; nothing distressing, just ordinary occasional restlessness. But as I was coming closer to sleep, there came a little humming buzzing right over my ear, from a small winged insect flying around me. It's so very disheartening to be woken up to the realizing you're stuck in one of those awful 1950s Popeye cartoons Famous Studios made when it was apparently trying desperately to get out of the cartoon business and into manufacturing baked goods. Fortunately I didn't have to destroy my home to deal with it; I just maneuvered the bug out my door to the living room, where it was dealt with by my population of itinerant geckos. At least I'm assuming geckos do something about flying insects. It wasn't bothering me today.

While I was at class Olympus called me, and left no message. But I called back and after some searching the woman explained they'd done the work on my camera even though they hadn't called me with a diagnosis or a request for approval. Their bill, they estimate (I don't know what there is to estimate with the job done) is S$93.45. I asked what they determined they had to do, since just changing the internal battery -- which is what I assume would cause the problem of losing nearly all settings when the normal batteries were changed -- shouldn't be that expensive, I'd think; did they have to change the circuit board? They put me on hold to check (this was about the third time they put me on hold this call) and the recording was a Midi of Greensleeves.

When they got back to me, a man this time, he reported they'd replaced the faulty zoom button. It'd been a bit flaky, balking and freezing up mostly when I didn't have time to fiddle with it. So that's repaired now. ``Splendid,'' I said, since I'm the sort of person who still says `splendid', ``but what about the battery problem?'' He said I'd have to bring my own batteries in. ``I mean the problem I brought the camera in for, that it was losing my settings when I changed my batteries.'' I'd have to bring in my batteries and see how the camera performs. I'm going in tomorrow; I have the feeling there's going to be another anecdote out of this.

Trivia: For his electric telegraph Samuel F B Morse was made an honorary member of the Archaeological Society of Belgium. Source: The Victorian Internet, Tom Standage.

Currently Reading: The Wreck of the Penn Central: The Real Story Behind the Largest Bankruptcy in American History, Joseph R Daughen, Peter Binzen.