March 29th, 2006

krazy koati

Slowly the wheels go round and round, the cogs begin to grind and pound

So, remember Nescafe Mistra? I mentioned them a while back in one odd day because they had liquefied tiramisu, no doubt in a stunning labortory accident involving supercooled flubber and Ed Grimley, and were turning misfortune to their ends by putting it in opque plastic bottles and selling it. At least some of you thought I was making it up.

They'd set up a display tent outside Borders, urging people to Stop! And enjoy a Mistra moment -- free chocolate wax and a soothing massage, compliments from Nescafe Mistra. With one bottle label you could get a ten-minute stretch of having a chocolate parrafin dripped over your face and then, I assume, ripped off, so keep that in mind next time somebody tries to tell you Singaporeans don't know how to have fun. An alternate label prize was a five-minute ``knotty'' back massage.

There was also a bowl to drop in a business card. People are assumed to have business cards here, and I really should get some customized to describe me. My current policy of holding on to whatever business card I last got and turning that over to anyone who insists on getting my business card isn't working very efficiently, and I'm sure it's confusing people who wonder why it is I can only be reached through the hobby shop I keep swiping cards from. The prize for winning was a ``Nescafe Branded Mini-Fridge,'' which is just as much zany fun as you probably imagine from its name. It looked kind of like a 1950s-style alarm clock made fatter and out of plastic. With the chocolate products included with the prize it's allegedly worth $150. I hope the hobby shop wins.

Trivia: Astronomer JCR Radau predicted that on 29 March 1860 the intra-Mercurial planet Vulcan would transit across the Sun. Source: In Search of Planet Vulcan, Richard Baum, William Sheehan.

Currently Reading: Engineering in History, Richard Shelton Kirby, Sidney Withington, Arthur Burr Darling, Frederic Gridley Kilgour.