April 5th, 2006

krazy koati

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Something else from the Zoo trip over the weekend: they renovated a corner of one building that had been a camera supply shop (film, batteries, and the like) and they must have converted some interior office space to it, in order to put in a convenience store proper. I'm sad to say they've started to catch on to extortionate prices, as things like bottles of soda or lemonade run a dollar more here than they would anywhere else in town. Singaporean places hadn't been doing that.

For the convenience store they gave the workers uniforms, these faintly Steve Irwin-ish bits of garb that include lots of buttons and at least what look like pockets. I assume they work as pockets, but didn't know any way to test them. Clearly the intent is to make people aware they're buying things from a convenience store at the zoo, and it does work at that. It's very hard to avoid the impression the cashier might say, ``I'll be happy to ring up your Coke Light and Violet Crumble candy bar, just let me tuck this gazelle dung somewhere.''

As ever that's not the thing which boggled me. On the shelves, not far off the bags of peanuts and dehydrated dates, was a selection of USB cup warmers. Apparently, they're expecting a nonzero number of people to conclude, ``My computer workstation is nice enough, but I could really use something to keep my mug of teh tarik hot. That's it! I'll go to the zoo! They're sure to have something to solve this problem!''

Incidentally, those who must abbreviate months with their ordinal numbers and who employ the American notation for that, I hope you've formed plans for 01:02:03 on 04/05/06; it'll be a while before that comes again. Those using European notation can still make plans. Those of us who prefer to use the names that months have can give the whole thing a pass.

Trivia: Massachusetts chartered 16 turnpike corporations in 1803. Source: Yankee Science In The Making, Dirk J Struik.

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