April 12th, 2006

krazy koati

There's a small instruction booklet that's one hundred pages long

Sometime over the day my little travel alarm clock stopped working. It was just sulking, though; all it really needed was to have the battery taken out and put back in. So I can accept that as the ordinary sort of cry for attention that any inanimate object might make. The thing that's got me, is it was stuck at 7:00. Now, there's no way I got up before 7 am -- the fact the alarm went off is proof enough of that -- and it was well before 7 pm when I saw the clock was broken, so how did it get that setting, anyway?

Meanwhile my sandals are on the verge of breaking. They're not broken yet, but I know this little change in how it feels on a step when it's about to break. If it strikes you that knowing when something's going to break like that by feel is weird, well, it is and I am. There's also the question of replacing them, since my feet are big and weirdly curved even for my size. When I have a hard time getting footwear that fits at K-Mart, you know it's not any easier in Bukit Batok. It'd be ridiculous to use this as a reason to fly back home.

To complete the theme of applied entropy, my bookbag is on the verge of breaking too. That's easier to measure, based on the fabric hoop around which the shoulder strap hangs wearing down, and the spot on which that hook is attached ripping out. I've got at least one more new one like it, though, and dad thinks he's got a few more like it in the attic, so there's no chance of me having to look the slightest bit different on that count anytime soon.

Trivia: Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man And The Sea was Yuri Gagarin's favorite book. Source: Two Sides of the Moon, David Scott, Alexei Leonov, Christine Toomey.

Currently Reading: Mercator: The Man Who Mapped The Planet, NIcholas Crane.