April 18th, 2006

krazy koati

Watchin' the clouds roll by

Well, now, see, I thought today was a public holiday, so I slept in. It wasn't. I learned this when I got up and checked my e-mail and there was the usual sort of weekday morning load. But it is the reading week, so I didn't actually have anything particular to do besides answer students very upset about obscure questions in the textbook. Still it seemed like at least for appearance's sake I should be in my office to do my nothing terribly much.

Midafternoon there came an incredible, ear-shattering crash. I was relieved to find it was only thunder. Out my window the sky was light grey, so I didn't see the quite heavy stormclouds rolling in. When I spotted a helicopter flying over the ridge a few minutes later I did speculate that maybe it was some kind of major accident (a plane crash, maybe?). Again, though, happily, it was just a severe and very heavy rainstorm.

I bought a USB thumb drive. It's tiny, but claims to be one gigabyte and is very nearly 1,000 megabytes indeed, which is rather near three times the size of the first hard drive I ever owned, although it's very close to the size of the same old thumb I've had since I was about fifteen or so. At least it's about the same length as from one knuckle to the other. It was easy to get, too. I went to a computer/electronics store, looked over the selection of thumb drives, noticed they just had these in and had a nice 20 percent discount for the first hundred customers to buy a gigabyte thumb drive, went to the cashier, paid for it, thanked the cashier and answered that I didn't need parking validated, and that was that. I mention this because I wanted to prove that it is, indeed, possible for me to do something perfectly ordinary without it turning into an amusing anecdote. You must agree there's nothing amusing in all of that.

Trivia: President Rutherford B Hayes owned the first Siamese cat known to have reached the United States; it arrived in 1878, and was a gift from his consul in Bangkok. The cat was named Siam. Source: The Uncyclopedia, Gideon Haigh.

Currently Reading: The Last Battle, Cornelius Ryan.