April 26th, 2006

krazy koati

Who'll be the next in line?

James Gomez, one of the candidates from the Workers' Party, has pledged that if elected he'll quit his job as a policy analyst in Sweden and move to Singapore to serve. One gets the faint sense he's not anticipating an upset over the People's Action Party.

Uhm. Och. Really. Somewhere along the line the middle finger on my right hand got a blister, which pretty quickly swelled up, then burst, and now I've got this rim of very sensitive skin right on the part of my hand that types such commonly used letters as ``I'' or ``K''. With some foresight I could just move my hand so another finger takes those chores, but after more or less a quarter-century touch typing it's really hard to force myself to do things another way, however painful the old way is. I may have to resort to using a thesaurus and choosing my words carefully.

And the air conditioner in my bedroom burned out, again. Every few months it needs a fresh charge of coolant, even though the one in the study doesn't. The weird thing there is they both rely on the same external air conditioner unit for cooling. Even though they work about the same time -- the bedroom for, basically, when I'm asleep plus an hour or two before that; the study for the evenings -- the bedroom always needs recharging first, probably because that's the more inconvenient one. I'm just impressed it didn't burn out Friday afternoon just before a Monday public holiday.

So this afternoon I went to the maintenance office, and they'll be calling on the proper people to get it running again. In the process I discovered that I've been giving out the wrong phone number for my new office for the last month, which would be part of why I haven't been getting called. Knowing that I'll have people over has also forced me, finally, to do a lot of cleaning up of piles of empty boxes and the like (I'm a box saver), and mop the whole floor. Considering my obsessive-compulsive disorders you'd think I'd be neater in my home life, but it's hard getting time together to tidy up everything.

Trivia: Mathematician Augustin-Louis Cauchy published 789 papers during his life. Source: Men of Mathematics, E T Bell.

Currently Reading: The Dragon Masters, Jack Vance.