May 17th, 2006

krazy koati

Where the deer and the antelope play

Though I was feeling better in terms of being less achy, I wasn't feeling less woozy, so I figured I'd sleep in a few more hours. When I got in I found seven ``missed messages'' on my phone and several e-mails asking if I'd be able to attend a department meeting at 9:30 am. Or if I can't make that, then can I meet this afternoon? Well, if you want me to attend a meeting you should let me know about it in advance of the meeting, and I wrote back that if I really needed to I could meet, but I wasn't in good shape for it. They haven't answered. I bet when I get in tomorrow I'll find out they rescheduled for a half hour ago.

I visited the maintenance office, to ask if they'd picked an appointment time for my air conditioner. The fellow there said thought they'd fixed it a few weeks back. Yes, and, it leaked out again, and I came in last Tuesday to ask for that to be fixed. And they never got back to you? ... I don't like being pushy, but I feel like I've got to actually stay in the office until someone arrives at my apartment. This isn't the first time nobody happened to get back to me about an appointment.

Disney Channel has started running ``Hidden Mickeys'' featuring Bambi. This is a cute bit of commercial airtime filler where they show a couple seconds of a movie or show or short, and then assert some collection of three circles near one another to be a ``Hidden Mickey.'' (They see Mickeys in Young Bambi's spots whenever his torso is at an angle.) All reasonably innocent fun, though I hope this means they're coming up on a cycle of showing Bambi. The past month they've been pushing The Incredibles, which I certainly approve doing; and Home On The Range, as if that were a movie. All right, it's not as bad as I expected, but the only flash of inspiration in it is the playing with color done for the big yodeling number. So my point is, I'm hoping they're moving more into movies that are overflowing with inspiration.

Trivia: Neodymium can be used to produce bright purple glass. Source: Life Science Library: Matter, Ralph E Lapp.

Currently Reading: Airport, Arthur Hailey. (The book was the basis for the 1970 disaster movie, and thus the chain of disaster movies, including ultimately the change of Leslie Nielsen from Serious Actor to Comic Actor to Unfunny Actor.)