May 19th, 2006

krazy koati

But through the days beyond the highs

I was reading the New Scientist's ``Invention'' blog, and came across a report the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has patented a ``human cannonball'' device. This is intended to be a transportable mechanism for predictably throwing people around. A cylinder of compressed air would be used to quickly toss people -- police, fire fighters, special forces agents -- to the tops of buildings when there just isn't the time or ability to deliver them another way. And, oh, dear me, I think I've now got a vision for one of the key scenes for the inevitable remake of The Towering Inferno.

I finally did get to see that movie recently, making suddenly a lot of SCTV allusions, and parody, make more sense. It's still an impressive disaster movie, although speaking in-universe it's probably just a well that the Glass Tower did go up in flames its first night opened to the public. The architectural style of that thing would not have aged well. Long swooping French Curve arcs of bright orange and yellow as floor or wall patterns are never long for this world.

I'm trusting that there is still an inevitable remake of The Towering Inferno even after The Poseidon Adventure's remake earned very nearly more than $26 its first weekend. Heck, if the posters along Orchard Road are to be believed there's even some lunatic making a Garfield 2 in response to no detectible public demand. (The best laugh I got from it was months later, when I caught a documentary about Garfield the product line, and a good ten minutes was spent about how very carefully all the people involved in the movie worked to make sure they captured the essential Garfield.) I just hope they include the cool railroad station control center again, since that was my favorite character from the original.

Trivia: The infamous radium paint used for 1920s glow-in-the-dark watches was invented by Dr Sabin A von Sochocky, a founder and technical director of the United States Radium Corporation. Source: Jerseyana, Marc Mappen.

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