May 24th, 2006

krazy koati

Maybe that's why I can't sleep at night

Lita Chow, Singaporean performance artist (actually, she was raised in Belgium, but moved to Singapore when she married), appeared at Cannes for the film festival. Her performance is to blow up an extremely large balloon, climb inside, and then wander around doing things like touching her hand to the inside while another person touches the outside; or curling up and letting the balloon deflate around her. She says that by climbing in the balloon she uses her inner senses to connect with the audience. She hopes it spreads her message ``to be more spiritual and less materialistic.'' Onlookers mentioned being worried about her suffocating inside there.

And Singapore is getting a team in the Australia National Basketball League, which I didn't even know existed. The team, the Singapore Slingers, is Singapore's first professional basketball team, and will join the long line of sports teams with liquor-inspired names by starting play 20 September against the Adelaide 36ers. According to the news will play ``33 games, half of which will be at the Indoor Stadium.'' I imagine they're rounding off. Ben Knight, managing director for the Slingers, pointed out, ``People who go to the NBA Games know that it is not just basketball, and we have people in place people who can do that here, including mascot, cheer girls. We have lion dance; we have a lot of things in store for a great night.'' My only concern is when my dad hears about it, he'll want to know why they haven't recruited me as the tallest guy in Singapore.

There are excellent reasons to never put me on a basketball team, most of them related to the fact I play an indifferent sort of game in which I wonder whether a ball heading towards me actually merits a response before acting. By the time I've decided, usually, the question has become irrelevant. Also, I'm only the fourth-tallest guy in Singapore anyway. The evening news demonstrated the concept of professional basketball with footage of the Washington Bullets.

Trivia: The leading scorer for the first season of the National League of Professional Basketball (1898) was Al Cooper, of Trenton, who averaged 8.8 points per game. Runner-up was Harry Stout, also of Trenton, with 6.9 points per game. Source: New Jersey Firsts, Harry Armstrong, Tom Wilk.

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