August 9th, 2006

krazy koati

Dipping in the pocket of her raincoat

I went to bed last night, finally, in my own actual bed for the first time since early May. The air conditioner was happily working as it should. I mean happy for me; I'm vague on the air conditioner's emotional states. The only thing giving me pause was the question of whether I had changed or washed the sheets on the mattress in the past four months. It probably doesn't matter much, but things do accumulate dust at a shocking rate, and I found a nice respectable sheet. It felt better than I expected: after my alarm went off I thought it over and decided I could spend a little more time in bed after all, and got up three hours later. Alas, next week lectures start, one of them at 10 am, and it's considered bad form to sleep through your own lectures.

On the textbook front: we've got a production editor. If I've got the idea right, her job is to sort out all the little glitches that keep the book from being ready to print. The notes we've gotten are along the lines of removing the periods at the ends of section titles, naturally, since that was one of the last things I worried about before sending in the last draft was putting periods on to the ends of all the section titles. We had been inconsistent before then, because it's hard to remember what we did on the same unimportant question two months before.

The problem which will slowly drive me mad is making some of the figures larger. These are figures made up, themselves, of multiple smaller ones, and making them substantially larger forces them to go across several pages. Unfortunately, Donald Knuth, mastermind behind the LaTeX typesetting system, has never had to make a figure go across two pages, and sees no reason why anyone would ever need to, so I'm trying all manner of obnoxious hacks to get the figures spread out without messing up the figure numbers or related needs. At least it'll all be cleared up before lecturing begins.

Trivia: Comedian Eddie Foy sued Mack Sennett for $7,000, citing humiliation in the filming of 1915's A Favorite Fool, for example, ``walking on limburger cheese and riding a locomotive attired in a night shirt `with a hose on him.''' Foy won the suit. Source: Keystone, Simon Louvish.

Currently Reading: War for the Union, 1863-1864: The Organized War, Allan Nevins.