August 14th, 2006

krazy koati

If money talks I wanna hear it sing

And then this weekend I revisited the Funan mall, because what with finally having remembered to buy the DVD-R blanks, I had to go back to buy DVD-R cases. I have one of those little booklet things for carrying CD-type discs, but I don't much like it, probably because it turns finding one disc into an enormous searching procedure. With separate cases, the discs sort themselves into a few bundles of similar theme or application, which makes it easier when I try to find something.

They were having a ``Three-Hour Mega Sale'' promotion, involving a variety of ways to spend time and money, including some redemption offer for things including -- according to the computer screen on which they reported current redemption totals -- a ``jelly keyboard''. At the time I noticed this, the people working the redemption table were overwhelmed with a line of several dozen people, reaching across the pedestrian bridge four storeys in the air and wrapped a quarter of the way around the circumference. I wonder what you have to do to get a peanut butter mouse.

Part of the events was a contest, ``30 Contestants -- 33 Minutes -- $3000 CapitaVouchers To Be Won''. (The mall's owner is the CapitaLand group.) While I was there the spokesman on the platform below called off the last minutes, and then explained that the contestants had had their 33 minutes to shop, and now the one which came closest to three thousand dollars would be the winner. I hate to sound like a downer, but 33 minutes is a long time to match any given price. For comparison, in 33 minutes Bob Barker will have had four items up for bid, pricing games, and even the first Showcase Showdown, and that's with commercials. Without commercials he might have all six items up for bid, pricing games, and the first Showdown. And on top of it, they didn't have a winner to announce then: they needed to total things up. They planned to announce the winner in ... two hours. I'm happy to watch people win things, but that's too much time for me to wait for people I don't know to win prizes I didn't want. Shame, that.

Trivia: 7,700 soundings and 3,267 geological samples were taken in studies for building an English Channel Tunnel in the 1870s. Source: Remaking the World, Henry Petroski.

Currently Reading: South: The Endurance Expedition, Ernest Shackleton.