August 22nd, 2006

krazy koati

If you're wondering how he eats and breathes

Now, there are a lot of obvious jokes which could be made on hearing that in Washington State, one Michael Nelson is running for Senate in the hopes, among other things, of promoting human activity in space. No, of course it's not that Michael Nelson, and while he has two blogs only one is particularly about space colonization. For one thing he got his master's degree from the University of Minnesota, which is completely different from Wisconsin in that there are fewer bulletin boards for Tommy Bartlett's Water Show. You know he's serious, as he's changed his middle name to ``Goodspaceguy''. He'd previously run for governor of Washington from the Libertarian party, and successfully last year came in third out of the three candidates for Kings County Executive, on a platform of showing Vancouver what's what.

I feel a touch sad looking over his journals, since they go the whole front page with two and one comment, respectively, and there's something depressing to me about giving a blog and nobody responding. But I don't want to be the one going in to touch it, since there's just something of Genial Nutty Usenet Guy in, for example, his history of manned space exploration to date. His comment on the reentry and destruction of Salyut 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 is, repeated each time, ``Waste is common in governmental programs.'' And Skylab and Mir were destroyed because of ``vandals'', giving me the image of Skylab's little windmill having been toilet papered just before it visited Australia. He's very enthusiastic about Robert Bigelow's plans.

He hasn't quite got Dr Bonner's flair, but it's difficult to argue with a sentiment like ``It doesn’t make sense to bomb world-wide customers and suppliers. Instead of sending soldiers, let's knit our Spaceship Earth together by buying imports and paying for them with our exports'' or ``All humans are related, but many don't know this yet.'' Not the one thing that I wonder is his assertion that ``when, say, two tons of trash and cargo ship is plunged back to Earth, the tax payers suffer a real loss,'' since while his sentiment that anything which gets to orbit out to stay on orbit has some appeal, does that really need to extend to the empty cartons?

Trivia: AT&T claimed over half the population of the United Kingdom watched Telstar's first transatlantic transmission. Source: Something New Under the Sun, Helen Gavaghan.

Currently Reading: Joseph Henry: The Rise of an American Scientist, Albert E Moyer.