August 24th, 2006

krazy koati

If you dawdle, I'm afraid

As part of Singapore's ongoing effort to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for making the greatest number of attempts to set some kind of record, 545 students and faculty at the National University of Singapore yesterday attempted to set a new record for the greatest number of origami cranes folded in one hour. The hope was to reach 10,000, but the organizers only got about 9,300 within the hour. That's certainly a Singaporean record, though, and SongHe Fragrant Rice is donating 50 cents per crane -- not just for the record attempt, but also for cranes folded over the past week -- to the Singapore Autism Foundation. They also attempted to set a world record for greatest number of cranes folded by one person in five minutes, and science student Eng Tze Hwee folded six. Guinness is considering her record. I know origami cranes are hard, but I didn't think an average of 50 seconds was potentially record-setting.

Another attempt at setting a Singapore Book of Record entry involved drinking a Milo truck. Specifically, the record was for drinking the 350 liters of iced Milo chocolate drink inside the truck; no one was expected to drink a gear shift. With about 620 students and faculty contributing they were able to empty it in 29 minutes and 59 seconds, which is a Singaporean record. I don't know what the World Record is.

August 21 would have been animator Friz Freleng's 100th birthday, unless it would have been his 101st or 102nd. (Records are not completely unambiguous about that side of things.) I knew about this ahead of time, but forgot, which is a shame as Jerry Beck at Cartoon Brew was promoting someone's Friz Freleng Blogathon, and I'd meant to participate. Belatedly, then, I'd like to recommend to people the cartoons Ain't That Ducky, in which Daffy Duck, an Elmer-like but more organized hunter voiced by Victor Moore, and a young duckling try to find out what's in the duckling's valise; and Rhapsody in Rivets, in which Franz Lizts's Hungarian Rhapsody Number Two is used as backdrop for building a skyscraper. They're not the best Freleng cartoons out there, but they are relatively neglected, and they're quite funny.

Trivia: Friz Freleng directed more cartoons for Warner Brothers than any other director did. Source: That's All Folks! The Art of Warner Brothers Animation, Steve Schneider.

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