October 2nd, 2006

krazy koati

He's just the kid next door

I woke up, late admittedly, and noticed that my empty shampoo bottle and a nearly-empty bottle of anti-mold spray had fallen over. (I keep it in the bathroom, as that's where most of the mold that bathers me is to be found. If there's mold behind the washing machine I don't care. I have a nearly full shampoo bottle; it just takes me time to get my empty shampoo bottles over to the kitchen, where I have a trash bag.) Also tipped over was the (empty) bottle of root beer that I vanquished last week. Besides that, a little Voyager 1 model I had sitting on my TV had vanished. After some searching I located it; it had fallen over and was tangled, potentially lost forever, in the dense jungle of cables behind the cable box. What would cause all this falling-over of light, top-heavy objects is a mystery, particularly as some other precariously-posed items like a flip-flap solar-powered plastic plant on top of a few books hadn't fallen over. I checked the news to see if there had been a minor earthquake. But there wasn't, or if there was it was lost in the news from Thailand. So I have to conclude instead someone snuck into my apartment, tipped over things, and tried to make off with Voyager 1 before being scared out. How he locked the door behind him I don't know.

The other thing I woke up with was a cough. It didn't seem like much when I woke up, but when I showered it turned into a vicious, perfectly awful set of coughs, the kind where your sides are left sore when the fit passes. That made me wonder if I was coming down with something. There's a blood donation drive on campus next week, so this would be an excellent if stereotypical time for me to get something. After that it settled down and got pretty well-behaved by the time I got to the convenience store and could buy some caramels and lozenges, but my throat's still surprisingly raw. This had better not turn out to be anything particularly inconvenient. So far, though, the sore throat is the only symptom.

Trivia: After 1728 the Portugese Inquisition, always gentler than the Spanish version, allowed the accused to be confronted with the witnesses against them. Source: European History 1648 to 1789, R M Rayner.

Currently Reading: Demon, John Varley.