October 22nd, 2006

krazy koati

So may I introduce to you

Hooray! According to the profile page, with today's entry I reach my 1,000th Livejournal entry here.

When I started out I didn't have any clear idea what I really meant to accomplish apart from making it easier to keep friends I don't see much anymore informed about what I'm doing. Since then I've learned that it's a really good way to pick out every ridiculous little thing that ever happens around me and broadcast it to a slender subset of the world. Fortunately, I'm the kind of person who stumbles into anecdotes while trying to buy laundry detergent. I admit it seems like odd things happen to me more than they do to my friends, but I really think that's mostly because I jot down notes and write about them more often. Maybe odd things will happen a bit more to me since I'm living on a continent I didn't grow up on and I still haven't got all the subtleties of the place. And I have an unfortunate tendency to parse questions far beyond their meaning, which makes it hard to express myself quickly to the clerk helping me. Nevertheless, if I've done nothing else I've brought nearly a thousand odd incidents to light, and that has to be good for something. And to think I started logging trivia points and my current reading so that if there were nothing else going on I could still post that.

I dug out some interesting statistics. I mean interesting to me. Since I started I've been trying to post once a day, and I've managed that by clock time, although it has meant taking advantage of time zone shifting when I'd flown back and forth to the United States. I've gained 94 friends, so on average, one every 10.6 days. I know I don't get them that uniformly. I've added 105 friends, or one about every 9.5 days. I've received 5,809 comments, and posted 5,025, which is odd since I try to answer every response I get with one of my own. Now and then there's a runaway thread I don't try to match, but I didn't think it was that often. That would seem to imply the average post I have here gets in total eleven responses, which seems high. If it's that I posted 5,025 comments everywhere that would seem fine, except again there's my compulsive desire to match the responses I get. I have two user pictures of 134 I could have, and have 3.97 megabytes of pictures out of 10 gigabytes available. Obviously I'm underachieving in these regards.

Trivia: King George III suffered from chicken pox in 1761. Source: George III, Christopher Hibbert.

Currently Reading: Empire Express: Building The First Transcontinental Railroad, David Haward Bain. And how about that -- my long-lost copy of Nothing Like It In The World, by Stephen Ambrose, just turned up.